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Lameness Evaluation

We have a special interest in lameness work at Complete Equine Health

Service. We know that as an owner or trainer, you ask the most of your

equine athletes. With the most current knowledge, we offer thorough

evaluation of the musculoskeletal system utilizing diagnostic blocking,

digital radiography, and ultrasonography. For treating sports injuries,

we are able to utilize many current therapies including oral, IM, and IV

joint support, intra-articular medications, PRP, shockwave therapy, and

much more.


Studies have shown that acupuncture can be a beneficial treatment that is complementary to traditional Western medicine. It can be used effectively in treating lameness, colic, neurologic disorders, anhidrosis, and reproductive problems. Dr.’s Jimenez and Frederickson completed their training and certification in veterinary acupuncture through IVAS (the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society).


Chiropractic problems are a very common cause of pain for horses, limiting performance and causing behavioral problems. Dr. Jimenez spends most of his time performing equine chiropractic and acupuncture, both highly effective techniques that alleviate back and neck pain and to improve joint mobility and flexibility, as well as the horse's overall health and performance.

Preventative Medicine and Nutritional Counseling

From the pre-purchase examination to retirement in the pasture, Complete Equine Health Service can set up a preventive medicine program to fit your horse’s needs. The doctors at Complete Equine Health Service can offer individually tailored vaccination and de-worming schedules, as well as regularly scheduled health and soundness examinations.

  • Click here for our recommended general vaccine protocol

  • Dental Protocol - Examination annually by your veterinarian

  • Geldings - Sheath can be checked and cleaned annually

  • Coggins test should be performed annually

  • Click here for our strategic de-worming guide

Emergency Care

Complete Equine Health Service prides itself on being available for your horse's care – day and night. Accidents and illness can happen at any time, so we will always have a veterinarian on-call to respond to emergencies.


Complete Equine Health Service offers elective equine surgery with a veterinary board certified surgeon Dr. Celia Goodall in our hospital and minor surgery in the field by Dr. Tyra Crowley and Dr. Annika Frederickson.

Injury Rehabilitation

If your horse has been injured, Complete Equine Health Service can create a rehabilitation schedule to get your horse back to work. In addition to developing a case-specific physical therapy program, we also offer shockwave, acupuncture, therapeutic laser and other treatments designed to help speed healing and improve recovery rates.


We do have a fiber optic edoscope to evaluate the upper airways including nasal passages, guttural pouches, pharynx, trachea, and bronchi.

Reproductive Services

Our veterinarians are able to follow your mare’s estrous cycle and advise you of the best time for breeding. We also offer breeding services with either fresh cooled or frozen semen. To optimize fertility, we offer diagnostic and therapeutic services including:

  • uterine culture and sensitivity

  • endometrial biopsy

  • ultrasonography

  • uterine infusions and lavage

  • deep horn insemination

  • reproductive hormone monitoring

  • immunotherapy and acupuncture

We will monitor your mare's health and pregnancy through foaling. We also offer delivery services (limited availability). We provide 24 hour emergency services at your farm for reproductive emergencies including dystocia (difficult delivery).


Dr Annika Frederickson at Complete Equine Health Service has thorough training in equine dentistry with Powerfloat* and understands the importance of your horse’s mouth in health, weight management, and performance. CEHS provides complete dental maintenance and recommends an annual dental exam as part of your horse’s regular care.


*Click here to read more about Powerfloat dentistry.